I’m a bit of an enigma; I’m a urbanite who loves the outdoors. I’m a mountain biker, a runner, a hiker, a snowshoer, a skier, and a beach bum all rolled up into one. And if I can combine travel with my love of the outdoors, well then, I’m pretty much in heaven!

At this time of year, when the sun barely peaks her head out from behind the clouds where I live I dream of places with plenty of sun, lots of great food, and a culture that will draw me in and make me feel welcome. Nope, it doesn’t even have to be a beach; I am just as happy on a snow covered mountain enjoying the crispness of the air, the lightness of the snow, and whatever warmth the weak winter sun can bring.

The region of South Tyrol, in northern Italy, has caught my eye this year. With plenty of sun, and lots to do, it draws families, honeymooners, winter holidayers, and adventure seekers from all over the world. Whether indulging in world class cuisine (complete with Italian wine!), swooshing down pristine mountain landscapes, snowshoeing in fluffy powder, or enjoying a relaxing massage at the end of it all, there is something for everyone.

South Tyrol wants you to visit too! Check out the video above and you can’t help but be inspired to visit this beautiful region of the world. Plus they’re running this great competition giving away a weeks ski trip plus 1000GBP of gear!

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