Anyone who travels quite frequently will tell you one of the worst parts is trying to save up cash for the next big trip that you’re planning, especially when you’re already off on another escapade to exotic shores.

To make things a lot easier, we’ve came up with a couple of things you can try to save yourself cash that you can put towards your next trip abroad whilst you’re already out of travelling.

Don’t Be Afraid to Haggle.
how-to-travel-and-save-for-the-next-trip-simultaneously1-8606082One thing you must always remember is that certain places will allow you to haggle. Don’t take no for an answer and remember that selling an item to you is more important to a retailer abroad than you are to them.

So don’t be afraid to try and knock the price down on any souvenirs you might be buying.

Weigh up your luggage.
how-to-travel-and-save-for-the-next-trip-simultaneously_1-1540655The last thing you want to be doing is paying out money for bag storage or having to cough up extra cash because your bag doesn’t meet airplane regulation sizes. So take some time on your trip to ensure that your bags can be easily and cheaply stored in a locker or better yet, invest in a large camping backpack and throw your clothes in there.

That way you will always have your items nearby and you won’t have to constantly pay for storage cupboards at stations or rent a hotel room. It’s a little investment that will definitely go a long way towards saving you cash for your next trip.

Use Public Transport.
how-to-travel-and-save-for-the-next-trip-simultaneously_3-3180941You can save a considerable amount of money by taking public transport when you’re abroad. Most local buses or trains won’t cost you that much, at any rate they’re considerably cheaper than paying for taxis to and from destinations abroad.

If you’re travelling across a large area like Europe or America, you could also try taking the coach instead of pouring more of your savings into expensive airplane tickets.

Provide Your Own Food/Entertainment
how-to-travel-and-save-for-the-next-trip-simultaneously_4-5712519Providing your own food and entertainment for the first few days means you will save yourself quite a lot of cash. Instead of going to restaurants and going on tours why not make some sandwiches and go for a walk around the area to save money.

But you don’t just have to walk on your holiday, some people take cards, books or even access casino sites for free as new members will normally get bonus to start playing for free. So it’s a good, low-cost way to kill some time whilst you’re looking for something fun to do.

Stay with Relatives
Staying with relatives abroad is always a great choice as it’s essentially a free room and board that you would otherwise be paying quite a lot for if you decided to stay in a hotel instead.

Just make sure that you do something nice to show your gratitude at the end of your stay, after all, if you keep them happy they might just let you stay again someday.

Save Your Euros/Cash
how-to-travel-and-save-for-the-next-trip-simultaneously_6-6132534Last, but not least, save any extra Euros or foreign cash you might have, you can use this money for your next trip abroad. Being able to use any leftover funds for your next trip will allow you to save quite a lot of cash as you will be able to spend less on getting currency converted into money you can use whilst abroad.

These are just a few things you can try the next time you’re abroad and you’re thinking about ways to save money that you can put towards your next trip.

There are, of course, plenty of other tricks you can try, but the general approach remains the same. Use common sense and keep it cheap, that way you can save lots of cash to spend on your next big adventure abroad!