Asking long term travellers for advice about booking a quick getaway may not seem like a good idea. What would people living away in other lands for months and years at a time know anything about your weekend or 10 day trip planning? Well, it turns out a whole bunch in most cases. First of all, most long term travellers are sitting on some massive trust fund. They are usually working for a living and usually at something far less predictable than the salary position that many others hold so dear. What the means in their advice is they are often looking for a cheap holiday and trying to find a discount. If you are seeking some pointers on finding good deals then ask the people that make it part of their life.

Photo Credit: Kurayba

Where and when questions are also well within the expertise of long term travellers. Someone that has lived in Turkey or Spain for several months can tell you about when the best season for weather or festivals is happening. That little town you are thinking about visiting may just be over run by bus loads of day trippers on Thursdays but is peaceful and lovely on Wednesdays. Planning to do some touring around but there is a national holiday in the middle of your travels and you are going to stuck on full buses if you are luck enough to get on. Someone with local contacts and has seen the ebb and flow of local life can let you know these highlights and lowlights.

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We all need to eat. A quickie getaway often will take you to a resort where everything is included. This is great because you don’t have to think about where to get to in the morning for breakfast or wander around looking for your evening meal. Sometimes it is nice to go exploring further a field if the on resort offerings are feeling a little bit like the same thing everyday. That same cozy cocooned feeling of stay on resort can make it intimidating for finding somewhere else the would be good food and perhaps a good deal too. Travellers will have done the leg work and won’t automatically recommend their cousin’s restaurant because of the commission they receive when you ask. Best two for one drink specials, spectacular views, or the freshest seafood are exactly the thinks long term travellers are trying to find everyday and they have the time to same the options before coming up with their favourites.

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If you know a long term traveller, or just like reading their blogs, don’t think that they can’t offer some advice or answer questions about your quickie trip. They aren’t going to be your travel agent but they certainly are happy to chat about their favourite places. Just like anyone else, long term travellers like to talk about the things they enjoying doing and if that doesn’t include travel they should think about doing something else.