When I think about spending time in Canada for the winter, I’m looking for my first opportunity to escape to the sun. I’m a warm weather and probably a beach type of person. I have never really embraced the whole winter activity thing. We tried a little during our time in Calgary a few years ago. I think if the season wasn’t so long, I would seek out the novelty of snow for a getaway from somewhere warm. This may become a real possibility once things are back on track for our expat life. Then I can see myself contemplating winter breaks to the snow as a way to vacation from everyday at the beach.

Photo Credit: mcmortygreen

I think this is another great chance to indulge in slow travel. Most people are interested in a quick weekend getaways or a week or two at a chalet. We could definitely manage a month long rental and settle in. This comes with the usual budget helper of securing a longer stay, a place to cook and time to find the local haunts for a deal on our nights out.

Photo Credit: ljcybergal

The longer stay would also be need to actually learn how to ski or snowboard. I also must report that not all Canadians can skate and play hockey. Nor do we all love the game as much as some of our fellow adventures may lead you to believe. Not that I have anything against it and I do know the difference between icing the puck and offside. I just don’t fancy putting on skates and playing the game. Having not grown up near a ski hill, this is another essential winter skill that is currently not on my sports resume. One or two trips in high school were no more than excuses to throw snowballs and eat bad food.

Photo Credit: Max Mayorov

I’m sure with a couple of weeks practice I will be off the bunny hill and on to the steep stuff. I guess I should make sure my travel insurance covers winter sports. Although I doubt anything bad could happen.

Photo Credit: Rob Lee