The cold. I don’t like it. Nope, not one bit. I think Jason is breaking out in an allergic reaction to the cold again so you know it has to be bad. It really is for medical reasons and because I love him so much that I dream of getting away to somewhere cold. I’m not really asking for much, just a fine selection of wonderful all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. Being in Ontario for the winter, according to the television and online ads that keep popping up, puts us tantalizingly close to all of the top destinations like the Dominican Republic, Jamaica or the Mexican Riviera Maya.

Photo Credit: Matthew T Rader

Normally I wouldn’t be thinking all inclusive or even resort but leaving longer term to do what we normally do, travel slowly and set up for a few months, isn’t an option right now. If time is limited and someone needs warm sand and salt water for medical reasons (did I mention the rash?) then seeking all inclusive resorts is a great option. It is a good trade off of money for time. Slow travel takes time, you know the slow part, and that is where the potential to stretch travel dollars out longer exists. When time is limited, like only a week or less, then making the most of the time away by having any headaches taken care of is worth the money.

Photo Credit: MakeNmakE

Let’s face it, heading to the beach is about relaxation. The key ingredients for that are some sun, a handy cocktail and food that doesn’t make you sick. Some spa time or beach activity is a great bonus. Maybe a little side trip off resort to check to local country side. Not too much. This is relaxation, not an adventure where everything is scheduled out minute by minute in advance. Some people may be looking for a full evening of entertainment with shows and discos but I prefer to have a few adult beverages and head to bed. Getting up a little early even on vacation has been known to happen. Maybe even some light exercise or a session in the yoga studio wouldn’t be out of the question.

Photo Credit: marcia.taylor