Barbados is a Caribbean island located in northeast of Venezuela. The Island is usually portrayed as a Little Britain of Caribbean because of its’ long association with UK as its’ British colony. Barbados has numerous luxurious buildings with the west coast holding numerous deluxe resorts, while the interior highlands got several historical sites which have picturesque views.


Barbados offers everything ranging from great inexpensive guest houses which have bed and breakfast, to luxurious accommodations in some of the planet’s best hotels. There are also luxury beachfront vacation rentals in Barbados which have some of the most picturesque views. Moreover, there’s a wide selection of numerous luxury cottages and villas available for rent all throughout Barbados. Most of these cottages and villas are located near or on the beach.

You can indulge in world class extreme water sports including, surfing at Soup Bowl located on east coast. The south coast also has great surf with a spot on world windsurfing tours at Silver Sands. You can also travel inland to numerous plantation houses that put on great meals and exhibitions. As for animal lovers, you can visit the Barbados wildlife reserve or the animal flower cave.

Barbados also has brilliant conditions for Kitesurfing. But although wind blows most times of the year, the best months for kitesurfing are between January and July.

For extreme sports fans, you can go scuba diving. The waters in Barbados are among the most transparent waters in the Caribbean and you can get to explore the coral reefs and also the sunken ships.


Other Fun Facts About Barbados: -It’s the birthplace of Riri (Rihanna), who moved to US from Barbados at age of 16 years to pursue a music career. -It was chosen by the golfing legend, Tiger Woods as his wedding location in the year 2004.

-The name ‘Barbados’ got derived from Bearded Fig Trees which were once found in plenty on the island.

-Barbados is fully surrounded by Atlantic Ocean. -The 1st slaves in Barbados Island were white (known as Indentured Servants), people who for different reasons had been deemed to be enemies of the Great Crown. The practice was very prevalent between the period of 1640 and 1650 that a certain phrase for the punishment was coined. The phrase was, “to be Barbadoed”. -During the period between 1841 and 1845, Barbados Island was considered to be the most healthy place on the planet to live, having one death per sixty six people, as compared to the world averages of about one death per thirty five people. -People in the times past, usually traveled from all round the globe to Barbados Island for its’ healing qualities. The people were to be basically immersed totally with exception of their head, in sands of beaches located in Cattlewash, Saint Andrew. The treatment was highly believed to cure many different types of ailments. The practice lasted for many years before waning. -South Carolina, in United States of America, was initially settled by the Barbadians, and its’ very 1st Governor was Barbadian.

-Lastly, throughout the great history of Barbados Island, it’s well known that Mongoose in Barbados Island never cross the road unless somebody is watching.