**All Photos Credited to: Amarosa Studio

Without fail, every time I sat down, the person next to me would turn, look me in the eye, warmly greet me (often with a hug), introduce themselves and ask me about my story.

Do you know how powerful that is?


I spent the weekend in Portland, Oregon at the World Domination Summit. A gathering of remarkable people who are each stepping out to live unconventionally. There were plenty of travelers represented but also lots of entrepreneurs, fitness types, small business owners, on-line marketers and some very big names in the blogging world.


The most remarkable thing about all these people though was how un-remarkable they were. Egos checked at the door; sales pitches left in the hotel; shyness pushed aside. It was completely egalitarian and flat with people mixing and mingling at will regardless of on-line stature, wealth or fame.


It was about as ‘Chris Guillebeau’ as a gathering organized by Chris Guillebeau could be and was truly a testament to the message he spreads about authenticity and the power of yourself.


It really brought Pam Slims’ message of “anytime you feel uncomfortable, no matter where you are, greet someone. Make a connection” to the forefront. I was uncomfortable, overwhelmed and nervous but making the connection made all the difference.


Danielle LaPorte highlighted my most recent learning…“Be impeccably you. Boldness means pushing. Innovation’s messy. Enjoy it.”and cemented my whole ‘it’s not supposed to be easy’ philosophy.


My favorite was by John T Unger: “The difference between disaster and opportunity is to decide to make it an opportunity.” Which he shared after telling a story of having a nutbar holding a gun to his head!

There really are too many quotes and messages, underlying themes and overt comparisons, to do the weekend justice. I can’t say I learned anything brand new but I certainly came away with a stronger sense that I’m headed in the right direction and that living ‘unconventionally’ is not a solo path.

At the end of the weekend Chris revealed that there is a plan for WDS 2.0 and offered up a pre-pre-registration. We signed up immediately; not to return and attest to the changes we may or may not make in this coming year, but to meet more remarkable people and re-calibrate.

There is an early registration list; I urge you to put your name forward. You won’t regret it. I promise.

PS…I can’t believe I got through the whole post without saying the word AWESOME because, really, it was probably the one word that I kept using to describe the whole weekend. It seems like such a hokey term. But the weekend really was AWESOME!!! And we learned how to Bollywood Dance. See…AWESOME!!