3065095186_4f9e13ddeb_m-9776214We had an open house on the weekend that finally proved fruitful!!  We have accepted an offer on our condo.  It’s on condition of the sale of the buyers current condo, but we are optimistic that their place is well priced and in a desirable area of town (wait a minute…isn’t that what we said a little while ago?). Anyway, they will be motivated to sell and we will think positive thoughts for them (and us)!

And so comes to the end of the ‘play off’ beard.  Jason has, in the interest of good karma (or so he tells me), not shaved since we placed our unit on the market.  Oh, he’s ‘cleaned it up’ and ‘kept it neat’, but he is currently fully bearded. He almost gave in just last week but I talked him through it and explained that he must keep the faith. And thank goodness too as this week has proven to be successful!

Truth be told though, I think it is J’s brother Kevin who might be the root of this good fortune. Kevin came to visit last year at this time and the following week Jason got an interview which led to his current job. Kevin happened to have been visiting just this past weekend and was here during the open house…jump to your own conclusions, I am thinking we might owe Kevin a beer! 

Stay tuned, and think positive thoughts!