Has it really been three years since we were here last? Memories of finishing our trip, returning home, and settling back into ‘normal’ stumble over one another and get lost as I am gently woken again by a bird whistling outside my window and the hum of the air conditioner.

Wait, where am I again? Birds whistling? Air conditioning? And I’m warm.

We’re here. Back in Thailand, the Land Of Smiles; the place my mind would most often wander back to when left unaccompanied by thoughts of work or other everyday mundane distractions. Life really is much simpler here, although this time it is not a vacation, not a time to completely relax and wile away the time.

We’re here to enact our plan and, with that, comes a certain amount of apprehension, anxiety, and a general sense of being overwhelmed. Did we pull the trigger too soon? Are we crazy even thinking this is a good idea?

It’s been an up and down week; excited to be on our way and back in a place that we love so much, sure that it’s just a matter of time before it all falls into place, and fearful that it won’t work out and that we’ll have to slink back with our tails between our legs.

I’ve said that there can be no failure in this. I have long dreamed of living outside of Canada and know that I would regret it if I never even tried. Even attempting is success in my mind. And so we push forward through the fear, work on resumes and connections, and keep our eye on the prize remembering that Giant Steps are really made of many, many, small ones in the right direction.

We’re also enjoying all that Thailand has to offer.



Great food.


And beach. Although the weather has yet to cooperate on this one!


We’ll head up to Chiang Mai this next week and get looking for an apartment. Wish us luck!


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