22 Nov

Staying Motivated

We’re just about 1/2 way from when we decided we would take this step, to actually leaving at the beginning of June 2009. 

At first we were tentative and scared, wondering if we could, wondering if we should do this. Then we were secretive and excited as we planned and schemed a way to do it. After that we were anxious as we ‘let the cat out of the bag’ and told our family and friends of our plans. And we were motivated…spreadsheeting, reading, phoning, researching and learning.

So, what are we doing now to stay motivated despite the fact that our house still hasn’t sold and our trip is still almost 7 months away?

  • We’re taking Spanish lessons. I think we’re slowly learning…and I still love listening to Crisi.
  • We’re researching. I have four books from SE Asia on my desk as I write. I plan on calling the Travel Clinic again this week to start the first of our immunizations. J is going to look at visa requirements.
  • We’re reading travel blogs. From AlmostFearless who first inspired me, to NomadBackpackers who set out on their trip just over 6 weeks ago, to Nathan who just amazes me and makes me laugh with his stories…reading these, and many other peoples, travel stories reminds me where I will be soon enough.
  • We’re moping. We try to alternate, but often there is one of us moping around feeling sorry for ourselves that the house still hasn’t sold.
  • We’re organizing. I have fabulous spreadsheets, flash-cards, binders and notes.
  • We’re talking to each other. About how we’re feeling, about how we should stay positive, about what we still have to do, about how fabulous it will be once we’re on the road.
  • We’re imagining. Almost every other day we imagine where we will be exactly one year from that day. One year from today we will have been in India for 2 weeks!
  • We’re drinking. Well, we are still Gillian and Jason for crying out loud!!
Time is surely going to fly – especially once we hit the New Year.  June 2009 will be upon us before we know it and we’ll be scrambling to get everything done!

6 thoughts on “Staying Motivated

  1. hey guys, we had the same thing happen. What if you change tack, and rent out your place instead? given its location, decor package, you could get a ton of money renting it short term furnished. that way you still have your asset when you get home. you would debt finance the trip instead of living off banked dollars. 6 of one, half dozen of the other? and you might be wise not to sell in this depressed market right now?? Interest rates are low, you just borrow off the LOC as you go? If you have to, then you sell the place. You know your own situation, but so far, this situation is working for us…

  2. It must be so exciting to imagine where you will be one year from now on a day to day basis!! That alone would motivate me…don’t you worry about a thing – Fort McMurray and our cozy basement will be waiting for you when you return!!
    Love your pals,

  3. It’s the imagining and daydreaming of all the places I’ve yet to see that keeps me motivated :) and p.s. – I mope sometimes too haha :)

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