20 Jun

The Beer Out Here

When looking for a place to move to after returning from our year long adventure around the world, we didn’t put beer very high on the priority list.

I think we made a mistake.

We came from the northern edge of Cascadia; where good beer is a right, not a privilege; and taste is a priority over all else.

We moved to Calgary; where they are trying (bless their hearts), but are still missing the mark.

It’s not that I’m not enjoying Calgary, because I am, but the beer here leaves a lot to be desired.

Last weekend in Portland was like visiting the Motherland; small taverns pouring full-flavored, locally brewed beer. So many that we ran out of time to sample them all…although I can assure you that we tried…we really, really tried!! Special thanks to my good friends Kim and Brian of So-Many-Places.com for showing us the best that Portland has to offer!

Let’s just say that, when we make the leap out of Canada, beer will make an appearance on the priority list!!

13 thoughts on “The Beer Out Here

  1. Portland looks like it was fun!
    It’s funny because for our move, we made beer the 3rd, if not 2nd priority. The two places were were choosing from in the end were Denver and Seattle, and I still secretly think Colorado has better beer — but access to craft beer of all kinds is superior in Seattle.
    Besides being fun to talk about, I think this beer-locator mentality isn’t a bad way to make plans: enjoying beer (or food, or wine, or nature — whatever your pleasure) creates a certain kind of society. If I orient my radar based on one of these deep-down heartfelt pleasures, it’s kinda likely to find a whole culture of people who are unique and different, but also share this inner motivator. And beer and food? Those are some of the greatest pleasures to enjoy with friends.
    But it’s the truth: it WILL be hard to match the beervana that is Cascadia, but eventually you’ll stumble upon some hidden gem and likeminded folks. Maybe you can even convince someone somewhere to cull a better stock, or introduce guest taps.

  2. It’s true, mass produced prairie beer isn’t particularly good. For some reason hops are almost a bad word, and rice and corn seem to be used in higher concentrations than barley.

    Still, there must be a decent brew pub somewhere in Calgary. Even small Regina has the wonderful Bushwakkers. I’d try talking to some beer kit supply stores to find out where all the home brewers go to exchange their best.

    If not, you should be able to order in something from Winnipeg’s Half Pints, or Saskatoon’s Paddoc Wood Breweries. Both of them make decent beer that’s readily available in Liquor Boards across Saskatchewan, and I assume Alberta.

  3. Portland is awesome for beer. I drool (and pay through the nose) for Rouge here on the East Coast. Enjoy it while you have access!

  4. Best beer ever!!! How will I live without great beer? I’m missing it already and we haven’t even left Portland yet. I’m so glad we got to show you around Portland. XO.

  5. Beer is good….but hard to come by here in Morocco. It is available and can be found if you ask the right folks. Problem is most bottles are only 33cl. I guess their thinking is the smaller the serving, the less likely it’ll get warm soon (from mildly cool but certainly not “glacier”). They never consulted me about that theory because two or three sips and it seems to be gone! Patience grasshopper…I’ll be home in less than a year where my mug awaits!

  6. I wonder if there is good beer in Indonesia? I may have to rethink this sabbatical or throw out the clothes and just pack beer. Just down the street from work is a place called the Bier Stein where they have 10 beers on tap and over 1000 varieties of bottled beer. It’s a beer drinkers paradise.

  7. *weep*

    It is the one thing I miss about home. There is a giant German/Czech community in central Texas (around Austin) that has had a lot of influence on the microbreweries around. I’m used to finding small batches of very good beer at my favorite bars.

    Now I have Corona.


  8. My first question upon arriving in a new country is ‘Can I get a good beer here?’ but then again, I’m Australian so this probably comes as no surprise.

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  11. Not sure why I didn’t comment on this the first time. No where really compares to the PNW for beer… except for Europe maybe. Thanks for a great post!
    Glenda recently posted..Party Bubble

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