07 Feb


It comes up, and boils over, with no notice whatsoever.

It feels so raw, so powerful, so…overwhelming.

Its a draw that feels undeniable. Un-fightable.

Sometimes I can’t even stand the thought of travel. I can’t read any blogs, hear any stories, or even look at my own pictures because it fills me with that hot lust and powerful longing that leaves me teary eyed and breathless.

This is it. A sense of magic. A sense of discovery.


wanderlust from Thinklab on Vimeo.

Update: some of the commenters are assuming the video is mine; it is not. I gratefully share it from ThinkLab; and, yes, it is amazing isn’t it?

27 thoughts on “WanderLust

  1. Oh Gillian. you really must stop making me cry.

    Not to sound like a hypochondriac but I definitely think I have this!
    As a matter of fact, the symptoms are so strong at this moment I can barely speak.
    Lisa recently posted..Saying Good Bye

  2. Yep. Good job making me want to leave my apartment right now! Actually the idea of “wanderlust” is something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently and I should have a new post about it soon (you even get a shout out in it :-)
    Asa recently posted..Lonesome Lake

  3. Well, there’s goes my day! My addiction is now screaming at me to do some travel research & planning. Since I know I can’t just go hop on a plane right now, that’s the next best thing. Thanks for motivating us & torturing us at the same time :-)
    Ali recently posted..Santorini Volcano Tour

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