El Mirador Volcan Santiaguito Hike

22. November 2014


Hike to El Mirador Volcan Santiaguito, Guatemala

It started, as most volcano hikes do, in the dark. I was excited. Seeing an active volcano is on my not-a-bucket-list and today we were going to have the opportunity to see a real, live, smoking volcano. As the day dawned, we were already halfway to the mirador, or lookout. We stumbled into this meadow [...]

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5. November 2014


Adios Playa del Carmen! We Won’t Be Back.


My Mexican dreams were awash with early morning runs on the beach, margaritas with new friends in the evenings, and a chance to really settle down and get to know a place. Playa del Carmen was not the place of my Mexican dreams. Filled with all inclusive resorts, pumping restaurants, and expensive shops it’s a [...]

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27. September 2014


One Giant Funk


I’m in a funk. I’m struggling and can’t seem to get a handle on why. I’ve been feeling it rise for quite some time but have been unable to stem the tide. I feel so far away from everything I want to feel and, right now, it feels more like a Giant Chasm than a [...]

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27. August 2014


Worst Travel Day Yet


We left Ireland, and Europe, a little wistfully. Our final two weeks in Laytown had been perfect; filled with nothing more than early morning walks along the beach, afternoon pints at the small local pub, plenty of cat cuddling (well, as much as he would endure anyway), and meals that we actually cooked ourselves. It [...]

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20. August 2014


What’s Next: A Mexican Road Trip, An Overland Bus Journey, and Nicaragua!


After four months of pedalling, eating, and drinking our way around Europe, it’s time to leave. Winter is coming to this hemisphere (even if it never really felt like summer anyway!) and, as we vowed not to spend another day in the cold and icy grip of Old Man Winter, it’s time to find the [...]

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17. August 2014

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The Iconic Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral

London View

It was our last week in London and we still hadn’t seen two of the city’s iconic sites so we hooked up with City Wonders for a guided tour of the Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Here’s the thing; I’m usually loathe to hire a guide but lately we’ve been feeling as though we’re missing out [...]

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14. August 2014


Eating Our Way Through Prague

Eating Prague Food Tour

We headed to Prague on a whim. The weather in Munich was crap so we checked the weather channel, and the train schedules, and decided that Prague was perfect for a last minute weekend getaway. I love that about Europe! Knowing absolutely nothing about Prague, I decided that the best way to get in on the secrets was to [...]

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8. August 2014

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Pilgrimage to Andechs


Climbing up through the forest we were grateful for the shade. The walk isn’t long – more of a token offering than a real pilgrimage now – but it is steadily uphill from the train station below. ***** There are plenty of places to find a good beer in Germany. Truth be told, we never [...]

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5. August 2014


Cycle Tour Europe: The End…But Not The End


Our triumphant, if soaking wet, arrival into Munich; 78 days and 2440 KM after we started in London. It was bittersweet to reach the end. On the one hand it was a lot of work to be constantly on the move but, on the other hand, we really loved cycling through the countryside seeing parts [...]

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31. July 2014


Cycle Tour Europe: Finding Our Way

Cycle Tour Europe

Of the three formidable tasks in cycle touring – determining where to go and how to get there, finding a place to stay, and deciding what and when to eat – the first and second combined to be the most work. (Primarily because, when you cycle that much, you will eat just about anything at just [...]

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24. July 2014

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Cycle Tour Europe: Rad & Reisen Cruise Review

Cycle Tour Europe: Rad & Reisen Cruise Review

Disclosure: We were guests on the Theodor Körner however this in no way impacted the fabulous time that we had. I just thought you should know. :) Our cycle tour Europe itinerary got a bit convoluted part way through. Itinerary is, in fact,  a bit of a strong word for what we actually had. What [...]

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