What To Do When Winter Comes

27.September 2013

Our Journey

The plan when we left Canada on this current invention of our lives was to avoid winter conditions. Well as with all great plans, something comes up and we need to roll with it. So now we are spending the winter in Canada. Not on the soft west coast but in the heart of Ontario. Fully expecting to experience all of the good stuff that winter can bring like snow squalls, sleet, freeze, thaw, mud and ice. This has required a reevaluation of what is in my backpack with an eye to outdoor clothing suited for the cold instead of sipping beers on a beach. Yes it was something that came up.

Photo Credit: leekelleher

I’ve been told it shouldn’t be that bad. I’ve been told that I may be soft from all of those years on the west coast. I’ve been told that chasing the sun might be asking too much. Well that doesn’t change that now I find puffy down filled Jack Wolfskin jackets attractive when I really want to be eyeing my next pair of flip-flops instead.

Photo Credit: jcgoforth

If I had never seen snow and cold before, this might be a novel experience that I could look forward to exploring. That was what winter in Calgary did for me with more than chilly weather, understanding that sometimes you need to plug the car in overnight or it won’t start in the morning, heated seats are the only thing that will convince me to get in a car in the morning. Perhaps there is a winter festival around here that will feature some taste rum and tea drinks or mulled wine. Maybe this is the winter where I pull the covers over my head and wait for it to pass as I whimper softly for tasty stews and fresh baking to warm my belly and spirit.

Photo Credit: michele_brl – (www.unintentional.org)

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