05 Apr

Turns Out It’s Not About That Number At All

We have ruminated and discussed, questioned and queried, mused and calculated. We came up with a number. Determined how long it would take us to save the number. Figured out how big the number would be if we didn’t save quite enough, and thought about what that would mean.

What have we learned? Turns out it’s not about that number at all.

In the end, after all the conversation, it came down to the 25 years between now and then.

Twenty five years ago I was 19 years old. At nineteen years old I couldn’t imagine even being 30, never mind being forty four. I certainly would never, in my wildest dreams, have imagined what I have done between then and now.

Married. Divorced. Moved. Schooled. Hitched. Settled. Unsettled. Travelled. Successful.

How can I possibly predict what will happen in the next 25 years; the time between now and then? Why are we getting caught up in what it will look like then? Trying to plan for  a time that we just can’t imagine any clearer than we could imagine now from back then?

My mum said it best in reference to she, and my dad, emigrating from England oh-so-many-years ago with my sister and I in tow:

“We just jumped in and got our feet wet and before too long we were swimming.”

And so, a new plan emerges. Jump. Swim.

Thanks mum.

Photo Credit: _ambrown

03 Apr

I Want To ‘Go With Oh’ to Prague!

I’m embarrassed to admit that I know next-to-nothing about Prague. Other than it sounds all ‘old-worldy’ and must be filled with all kinds of great architecture. I imagine foggy street-scapes, imposing town squares and church spires. I actually had to look up which country it’s in. Embarrassing. (The Czech Republic…I’ll save you the time…’cause you were going to look it up too…right?)

Foggy Prague

See...like this. All 'old-worldy' and foggy.

Photo Credit: kiwi vic

Turns out it is all old-worldy and filled with great architecture. And of course I already knew that Czech beer is some of the best in the world so, that seals it, I have to go!

Our first stop would take a care of the ‘old worldy architecture’ and ‘great beer’ part of the tour:

Dating back to the 9th century the Prague Castle definitely falls in the category of ‘old’ and its history of occupation, liberation, and habitation qualifies it as ‘worldy’. A tour of this castle and its varying architecture styles would surely work up a thirst.

Prague Castle

Photo Credit: Sam and Ian

Which is good because the Strahov Monastic Brewery is just down the road. With its own history dating to the 17th century and a tasty St. Norberts Ale it would be the perfect place to finish off the day.

Strahov Monastic Brewery, Prague

Photo Credit: Al S

It’s not the Eiffel Tower (because then we’d be in Paris wouldn’t we?) but the Petrin Lookout Tower is worth a visit for the incredible views of the city from the top. The best part is that there is a funicular we can ride to the top in case we had too many beers the night before. I love funiculars because it’s always much easier to ride to the top of a hill rather than walking and because it has FUN in its name – how could you not love them!?

Petrin Tower, PraguePhoto Credit: Vlastula

The giant Metronome may not be as historied as other parts of Prague but it definitely fits the quirky and cool factors on the list of things to visit. I love public art and the weirder the better. What could be weirder than a giant music counting machine?

Prague MetronomePhoto Credit: http: macskafarok

And if we’re going to be keeping time then we should visit the Astronomical Clock to watch the march of Christ and his disciples every hour. I wonder if all twelve march every hour or if only the correct number per hour march? I’ll let you know!

Prague Astronomical ClockPhoto Credit: kainet

So I was serious when I said that I knew nothing about Prague but, after researching it a bit to see what I would get up to, I can say that Prague is definitely on my list whether I am the next ‘Go With Oh’ guest blogger or not.

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02 Apr

Monday Moment: The Longest Parade In The World, Cuzco, Peru

Inti Raymi Parade, Cuzco Peru

We left our hostel at 8am heading to the Plaza de Armas to get a good look at the costumed paraders as they started. The parade had already begun by the time we got down to the square but we needn’t have worried that we missed too much as it turned out that the parade lasted all day and most of the night.

One by one, groups of colorfully adorned Peruvians and their small bands paraded around the square passing by the judging panel before turning the corner out into the surrounding streets where they marched out to find a picnic spot in surrounding city squares. Here they would merrily set up their small grills, pull out crates of beer and proceed to have a party in honor of the great sun god.

Hour and hour after hour after hour this went on; thousands and thousands of paraders made their way around the Plaza and into the streets beyond. The city was soon filled with joy, happiness and drunk Peruvians and still the parade was not over.

They paraded well into the night; long after I had gone to bed I could still hear the parade marshall on his bullhorn. I would guess it was well over 16 hours when I finally fell asleep but they were still not finished. Truly the worlds longest parade!


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